Mamachic is a proud partner of The Grommet

Mamachic is a proud partner of The Grommet!


As avid fans  of The Grommet, we at Mamachic were over the indie-maker moon when they asked us to partner with them! All the items thoughtfully curated by this e-retailer (who has a 3 million email subscriber base) are “products with a purpose invented by people with stories.”

We’re grateful that The Grommet saw value in Mamachic’s unique story — we are a full-time traveling family, who realized that minimalism, efficiency with babycare, and sustainable accessories can go hand-in-hand!

We love the confidence our customers gain using our beautiful products — it’s immeasurable.

Mamachic on The Grommet

And we applaud The Grommet’s mission — to launch unique, undiscovered products and help them succeed. Within the small business community, nothing brings us more joy than others having our backs and cheering us on. And we do the same! So, when perusing The Grommet’s website, you can shop by “value” — and Mamachic spans many of those categories, including Crowdfunded, Independent Maker, Made in the USA, Sustainable Living, and Underrepresented Entrepreneur.

We’re so honored to be a Grommet, as only 3% of products reviewed are accepted.

Shop for Mamachic on The Grommet, and while you’re there, check out the hundreds of amazing products with their own unique stories.

Shop with intention and integrity. #BuyDifferently.

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