Makin’ the Mamachic: the Mamachic Fly


It’s the making of the Mamachic 2.0! We’re back, we’re lighter, we’re stripy-er.

Molly and Angela

Last year, I brought you inside our sew shop to see how our first-run Original Mamachics were made. There’s something so wonderfully gratifying about watching these skilled hands craft your own design (which is now proudly patented!).  I’ve got immense gratitude for the work that my North Carolina-based sew shop Opportunity Threads does for sustainable businesses. Owner (and fellow Duke grad) Molly Hemstreet runs OT as a worker-owned cooperative, and the ways they give back to their local community is a business model I wish more chose.

Opportunity Threads

Over the months, the good word on Opportunity Threads has spread, and they’ve moved to a larger facility to accommodate their mounting projects. 

Once they began production of our newest version of Mamachics, I flew from San Diego into Charlotte on a redeye and went straight to their new digs in Valdese — just in time for Alfonso to start cutting our fabric.

Alfonso - cutting

Eulalia then sews on the special edging for these single-layered pieces.

Eulalia - sewing

Then our hem labels are sewn on; it flips over both sides, signifying that our garment is reversible. (This is an improvement from customer feedback! Thank you, mindful customers!)


Juan uses a special hydraulic machine to punch in the snap buttons — six total spots.


Quality control and packing are the final steps before we ship to our fulfillment partner in Fletcher, North Carolina. Below, Reyna assesses the edging and snaps to make sure everything looks copacetic.

Reyna folding Mamachics

Through experimentation, I figured out the easiest way to fold these Mamachics so that our label faces out and on top.

Angela folding

Angela packing Mamachics

Folded & Packed Mamachic

It’s a simple yet labor-intensive process, and the dedicated folks at Opportunity Threads take pride in bringing the Mamachic to life — and it shows.

Angela, Molly, and the OT team

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