Why I’m Ready — and Never Ready — to Launch


In college, when it came down to the last stretch of final exams, I dealt with stress in a pretty unorthodox way: I’d inundate myself with activity. My friends used to joke that I should have majored in Avoidance Studies! I’d catch a flick at the campus cinema or wander around the art museum. I’d go for a run around the golf course. If there was a way to snooze in the Duke Gardens, I’d be there curled up in the sunshine, while the rest of the student population seemed to be burrowed in the library or student centers. I was the queen of procrastination. Then, in the eleventh hour, I’d buckle down and cram. Illogical, right?

Back then, it scared me to be totally ready, because then I’d have no excuse if I failed.

Right now, with under one week left until the Mamachic Kickstarter campaign launch, I’m feeling quite certain that I’m still not ready.  But… I am ready. A calm has come over me — illogically, because yet again, the activity around me is at at a fever pitch.

There’s always something that I could be working on. Pitching a blog post to a website. Reaching out to more potential partners via Twitter. Revising my editorial calender. Designing shareable images. Finalizing copy for our instructional booklets. Following up and transcribing Mamaspeak interviews. Talking to my production partner about seam allowances and fabric shrinkage. Preparing final files for our label printers in North Carolina. Writing, writing, writing.

All this, on top of packing our things for yet another family move. Yes, I’ve scheduled my business milestones as if I was my own worst enemy.

I am soft-launching to friends, family and email supporters this Monday — the same day that my husband Mike, our two kids, one cat and I move from Cincinnati to Des Moines (9+ hours in the car!) with The Lion King. Our travel days are typically exhausting. This should be no different. I will most likely be emailing you “Kickstarter is live!” as we cross the Illinois/Iowa state border. This is not a joke!

Then, the official Kickstarter launch on Tuesday happens to be Mike’s “long day” of work in a new city, where he’s got a morning company meeting followed by a dress rehearsal, then a full-out preview show in the evening. Normally, this is the day I’d unpack all of our things and get us settled in the new home, and hang with the kids for the entire day. Instead, this Tuesday I have a last-minute meeting in New York that I have to fly out for.

So right now, I’m not only getting Mamachic ready for launch and packing our family for a move; I’m scrambling to find childcare in a brand new city we don’t even live in yet, and preparing materials for my meeting. I’m organizing my life for 3 different segmented situations, including my short jaunt to Manhattan.

So… why am I not tripping out over this all?

It’s all good stuff. I am thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to be working on my own creative project, to solve a problem for mamas like me, to design such a beautiful garment that will make women everywhere feel confident and strong. I’m grateful for my husband’s job, which has allowed us for to tour the country and make new friends and reconnect with old ones; and I’m appreciative of my husband, my sisters, and my friends who have given me unwavering encouragement through it all.

This whole process has been awesome. Challenging, sure; frustrating at times; expensive, definitely. But I’ve been able to meet people (who I now proudly call colleagues) who will forever inspire me by their purpose and conviction; I’ve learned about the fashion industry and made moves to create a sustainable, minimal product that will make a difference in the health of our planet; and I’ve been able to carve out quality time with my family, knowing that this business venture in the end, is for them. For us.

And I’m not stressed, because when I step back and take a look at what I’ve done, I’m excited and proud. I may not be totally “ready,” but I will launch knowing that I’ve done my best, and will continue to roll forward with this mindset. No excuses.

… and THANK YOU. I wouldn’t be here without you.

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