Behind the Scenes of Our Lookbook & Kickstarter Video Shoot


A picture is worth a thousand words — unless it’s coupled with a video. Then it’s like a million words!

Ah, the pressure of a million words. It’s a busy, overwhelming time for Mamachic. We’re gearing up for our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the first production run of our scarves, and there’s plenty to be done.  Kickstarter recommends that we create a short, personal video outlining the details of the product we are raising funds for, so I thought it’d be perfect to tell the story of a Day In The Life of a Mama who goes through many moments — both tough and tender — with the help of her beautiful, versatile Mamachic scarf.  Aside from the video, I needed some actual photos demonstrating various ways to wear the garment. So who could capture these million words for me, efficiently and fabulously?


A behind-the-scenes look at our shoot! Can’t see the above video? Click here >>

Our talented friend Robb Sapp had taken some fun shots of me, the kiddos, and the Mamachic scarf during Thanksgiving in Milwaukee, one of which you can see on the front page of our website.

Mamachic.Co Front Page

Thrilled with these photos, we hired Robb, his business partner Jason, and their Brooklyn-based dirty sugar photography team to do the whole shebang. Luckily, they squeezed us into their extremely booked, tight schedule. Pre-production was on! Leading up to the shoot, Jason and Robb would conference call with Mike and I on casting, script development, and shoot details.


Day of the shoot! I flew to New York City from my family’s temporary Lion King perch in Memphis, and the first location of the video was my best friend Anita’s apartment in Prospect Heights.  A dirty sugar team was on hand: photographers Robb & Jason; hair/makeup artist Kayla; stylist Jahmar; and assistant Davey J. Not only did Anita provide her home for the shoot, we even used her sweet 5-month-old baby Jayan; he barely fussed, doing take after take with our gorgeous “mama” model, Jade.


The sky began dumping down snow in the afternoon, causing us to postpone our exterior shots, but we slogged on through to dirty sugar studios in Ridgewood. There, two other models joined us, Margaret Anne and our friend Sharron, a former dancer with The Lion King. The brilliance and creativity of the stylist Jahmar really shone through in each model’s looks — I am truly indebted to him.

Margaret Anne was the first model up for the lookbook shots. When her initial photos appeared on the monitor, my heart skipped a beat. My throat closed up, and I felt unexpected tears. Someone other than me is wearing the Mamachic, and that fact’s rocking my world. And she looks gorgeous. In this moment, I realize: The Mamachic is real.


Jade was bouncing back and forth between video and lookbook duties. And much of the time, the two coincided… you’ll see what I mean once the Kickstarter video is finished.


Sharron was the last to be photographed. There are no words for her. I mean, come on.


Now we’re in the thick zone of post-production work. I’m finalizing and recording a voiceover for the video, Mike is composing and recording accompanying music, and the dirty sugar editor Graham will be working on the final edits. In the meantime, I’ve got to pick my favorite lookbook shots (so difficult!) and get them retouched so they can be featured on the Kickstarter page. So exciting!

We’ll be launching our Kickstarter in April, so stay tuned for details. And as always, thank you for coming along on this journey with me. It means so much.

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