Hi, I’m Angela, creator of the Mamachic.

Here are some jolting things I hear from so many new mamas: I miss the ‘old’ me. It’s too hard to dress up and look good these days. I miss that confidence that I once had, before baby.

The fact is, we have changed. Sure, we’re mothers now, and with this new role comes an evolved kind of beauty, as well as a different set of priorities. But… some things do stay the same. From the boardroom to the playground, we still want to look and feel our best. We want to take care of our babies easily while being good to the earth. The Mamachic, with its various functions and unique design, reminds us mamas that we are that beautiful force to be reckoned with!

A one-time television host and consummate adventurer, I saw my life change in an instant after I had my first baby, Max.  While my body recovered from pregnancy, childbirth and nursing, I felt overwhelmed. As the baby’s main needs were to eat, sleep and bathe, I saw my own list of to-do’s grow exponentially, on top of making sure I myself ate, slept, and bathed.

The changes of motherhood were supposed to be beautiful.
So why didn’t I feel beautiful?

In 2011, my family embarked on a tour around the continent with my husband Michael Hollick, a performer in The Lion King. We whittled down to our essentials, left a little house in Las Vegas, and moved every month to a brand new city with our life in a sub-compact car! We gladly embraced a minimalist lifestyle. Toting my infant around the country, I had a desperate need for a versatile, eco-friendly and stylish product to help both burp and nurse baby Max. Most burp cloths were like dish towels, and slipped off the shoulders or soaked through easily; many nursing covers on the market were utilitarian, looking like smocks or aprons.

As a mama, I needed one garment to help me do everything, and still look great.
So I decided to make it myself.

I also didn’t see many organic or sustainably-made options for either, and lugging around two different sets of fabric was often unwieldy in our travels. So during Max’s late night feeding sessions, bleary-eyed yet determined, Michael and I brainstormed designs to help us get through these first years of parenthood. We formed our company Too Cool For Drool, and the Mamachic was born.

Through a few years of prototyping, the Mamachic has evolved into
a beautiful accessory for today’s woman.

Whether you’re a mama or just looking for some chic, the Mamachic does it all. The simple snap buttons allow you to transform the gorgeous scarf into a burp cloth or a nursing cover with just one hand. The fully sustainable bamboo material is not only durable; it also gets softer with each wash.  With the Mamachic, mamas can focus on the important things in life, beautifully.

Made in the USA   We are proud to manufacture in the USA.

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