Mamaspeak: Laura Lee Boswell on the Fashion of Mommyhood


When we were stationed in Memphis this past February, I came across a fashion blogger on my Instagram feed (she has 28,000 followers!) who was holding the most angelic little baby. She also photographed bold patterns paired with sexy shoes, and I thought, well that’s a fun mama!  Laura Boswell is behind the blog Walking In Memphis In High Heels, and when she’s not working full-time as a credit manager, she’s savoring every moment with her six-month-old daughter Leighton.

“Working in a corporate office, I have to dress up each day, but work wear doesn’t have to be boring!” she says in her bio. Hear hear! Her style is anything but. Check her blog out for some tips, tricks and picks. Mamachic loves her sweet but decisive fashion sense, Southern charm and total down-to-earthness.


Laura Lee Boswell, 31

Memphis, TN

Occupation: Credit manager; fashion blogger at Walking In Memphis In High Heels

You’ve got your MBA and work in finance. What prompted you to start fashion blogging?

About two and a half years ago, I started reading a bunch of fashion blogs. My husband Shane said, “Laura, you read so many, why don’t you just start one?” At the time, I was on a break during grad school, so I thought why not?

It kind of started mainly as fashion, with a little bit of fitness mixed in, and a few recipes; now, since Leighton was born, it’s mostly fashion, style, daily life, mommy and baby stuff — everything I enjoy.

As a fashion blogger who takes lots of pictures of yourself, what’s been your post-partum body recovery been like?

It didn’t take me long to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, but things are definitely… out of proportion. It’s strange how numbers can be the same but things can look completely different!

Do you have a go-to item of clothing?

I’m definitely drawn towards blouses. Whether button-down or V-neck, it helps to cover if I’m nursing or pumping. I also wear nursing camies — they are so easy.

How has your fashion sense changed since having baby?

I’ve gotten way more casual.  I usually wear dress pants to work — I used to wear skirts everyday. Now, I look for every chance to wear jeans or leggings! I still dress up occasionally, but if I’m down on the ground, crawling around or bending down and picking Leighton up, I ususally go for pants. I hardly wear jewelry these days. I don’t want anything to scratch her!

Also, when Leighton was 6 weeks, I tried to go out and run. I made it a few feet from my house and realized pretty quickly I’d need to go sports bra shopping. My old one was not going to cut it!

How do you find the time to do work full-time and blog, as well as be a mama?

I wish I knew! Before Leighton was born, I used to have my posts written on the weekends, and scheduled a week in advance. Now its kind of a day-to-day thing. I’m not really on top of it anymore. I work at my full-time job Monday through Friday, twelve hours a day. She’s in daycare which breaks my heart. I come home and we only have a few hours together. That’s why the weekends are so valuable, so I have time with her and my husband. Now the posts are here and there. Whenever I can squeeze it in!


What’s surprised you most about being a mama?

I was surprised at how attached to her I am. It’s overwhelming. Our connection was immediate. I wasn’t prepared for that. Sure, in my head, I knew I was gonna love her and be so attached, since I had been carrying her around for nine months. But… it’s so much more than that. It’ s a strange feeling I’ve never felt before.

You and your husband tried to get pregnant for a number of years on your own before seeking medical help. Can you describe that journey?

We had been trying for 6 or 7 years. We had been told we were both fine and healthy, and it would just “take time.” Well, after a while, I was like “there’s no way 6 or 7 years is normal.” So I had a friend refer me to a fertility doctor. I had been putting it off forever, telling myself it was so expensive, who knew if it would work, it would be so emotional. We just kept telling ourselves, it will work out, we won’t have to do in vitro… but we did.  I’m glad we did, because after our consultation, it worked the first try! It was crazy how quickly it all happened.

Just how quick was it all?

The consult was in beginning of December 2014.  We started injectables in January 2015.  We found out I was pregnant in February. It was really crazy to think after all those years of trying on our own, it just took a couple of months and boom. We were pregnant.

Screenshot 2015-04-18 11.52.48

What went through your mind when you found out your were pregnant?

I started crying. I was at work. It was Valentine’s Day. I called Shane and he didn’t believe me. When I showed him the pregnancy test, he kept saying, that line on there isn’t dark enough. I kept telling him, “A line is line, no matter how dark!”  I think he was still so nervous and scared to really believe it. He ‘s one of those types who has to see to believe, so when we finally went to the doctor’s office and the pregnancy was confirmed, he had this big sigh of relief.

Because of the 7-year-long anticipation, how did you approach pregnancy?

I think we were pretty nervous, week to week, still. It almost didn’t even seem real. Most everyone I knew would read books like What to Expect, and research about pregnancy online. I didn’t do a whole lot of that. I didn’t want to start researching things in case something happened and we’d be disappointed. Of course you have other scares, like when you check the heartbeat. Or when you’re trying to make sure everything goes as planned. Then labor and delivery. You’re just keeping your fingers crossed that everything will be okay.

How has motherhood changed you?

I guess it’s made my tired. 🙂 And it makes you realize what’s really important. I take care of my baby. Everything else will get done, but it’s lower priority.


When do you feel most beautiful?

When I wear her, in one of my wraps. I get home from work and put her on and walk around, helping my husband with chores, cooking dinner, packing her diaper bag for the next day. She loves being able to see everything I’m doing.

I love the Modern wrap. It’s shorter and thinner that other wraps, so she doesn’t get too hot and it’s quick and easy to put on.

What’s been your best mama moment?

I absolutely love when she giggles. She’s just started doing it, so it’s not often… she may do it every 5 days and it’s so fun to catch it!

Photo credit: Emily B Photography



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