Not Just For Mamas: Hitting the Islands of Panama


Kestrel Jenkins

This is a guest post by Kestrel Jenkins, the co-founder of Falcon Related, a values-driven branding service for responsible companies.

About a month back, I met up with one of my favorite mamas for coffee and a brainstorm. Mikaela is the founder of Ruth and Ragnar, an organic kid’s clothing company. She’s one of those women who is always making connections, providing fabulous life feedback and doing all this while being an inspiring mom and business owner.

We talked podcasting, business growth, and the everyday hussle. Later in our chat, we were sharing stories about some of our favorite brands, when Mikaela brought up Mamachic. I knew of Mamachic and actually featured Angela’s story on my own website AWEAR World.

In all honestly, I had already ruled out Mamachic. I thought of it as “just a brand for moms”.

I had been seeking brands to collaborate with for an upcoming trip to the San Blas Islands with Thread Caravan. Through my partner and my company Falcon Related, we provide visual branding services for brands we believe in.

Mikaela said, “You should totally reach out to Angela and Mamachic.” I kind of hesitated – wondering how I was going to use a “mom’s versatile piece” on an adventure sailing through Guna Yala. But, Mikaela’s enthusiasm left me open-minded and I immediately reached out to Angela.

To my surprise, in a couple days, I had two beautiful Mamachics packed in my bag and ready to wander with us on a Panamanian adventure.


While traveling on the plane, I pulled out my Mamachic. It was literally the softest piece to throw around my neck and cozy up with while chilled by the artificial air. And that was just the beginning.

As we ventured out into the Caribbean, sailing and island hopping, this versatile piece became a sunshade, a beach cover up, a scarf when the sun went down, and a towel when I needed a moment to chill in the sand. Turns out Mamachic might not be just for the mamas! I may not be a mama myself, but I’m hooked on the piece’s never-ending attributes.


While traveling with Thread Caravan, we had the opportunity to connect with locals and see firsthand how the Guna women in the islands make their stunning molas.

Mola is the Guna word for “clothing” and more specifically “blouse”. The word mola has now come to mean the elaborate panels that make up the front and back of Guna women’s traditional blouses. Molas are made in this incredibly difficult reverse macramé style by layering multiple pieces of fabric and hand stitching everything. They are known around the world and recognized for their impressive artistry.

Mola making

I’d first like to say – this is incredibly tedious work that takes immense patience and attention to detail. The molas of Guna Yala are unbelievably gorgeous and the setting definitely only enhanced our experience.

Take a wander through our photos, and enjoy the vibrancy of the islands, the women & their children, and our Mamachic style.

DMP_6442bis DMP_6345bis DMP_4221bis DMP_4121

DMP_4196 DMP_4240






Thread Caravan hosts artisan adventures around the world. Through their trips, they hope to preserve cultural art forms and give people the opportunity to connect with locals along the way.

Love the Mamachic styles above?

Want one for yourself this summer?


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