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5 Things My Daughter Needs To Know

In the eerie flourescence of the ultrasound room, the technician turned to my husband Mike and I. She smiled. “It’s a girl.” Suddenly, I felt my heart seize up in my throat. The ultrasound goo felt ice cold on my distended belly.  A dull panic set in. What am I going to do with a […]

Mamaspeak: Stephanie Bast on fertility, self-confidence, and the relentless pursuit of the Tiger Mom

Forty-two years ago, the Bast family in eastern Pennsylvania got exactly what they wanted: a beautiful baby girl they named Stephanie, adopted from South Korea, where she had been abandoned on a train in Seoul. Today, Stephanie Bast has her own family that she has always wanted. After trying to conceive for four challenging years, […]

Mamaspeak: Nicholle Pendergraft

Breaking up is hard to do, and to get through the tumultuous beginnings of divorce, Nicholle Pendergraft knows to keep her eyes on the prize: her sweet, blue-eyed five-year-old. Along the way, this supermama’s reached a whole new level of strength, though it’s often hard to see the forest for the trees. She admits that […]