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Mamaspeak: Vivianna Blanch and the Truths Behind Beauty

On a daily basis, Vivianna Blanch examines — no, relishes in — the concept of American beauty. She’s been a thought-leader in the beauty industry firmament for the past 15 years, and currently she’s an executive in the marketing segment of L’Oreal USA. Her company is making exciting (and much-needed) strides in diversifying consumer products to reflect the changing face […]

7 Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned From Years of Bartending

Thinking of starting your own business? Before jumping in, do yourself a favor: tie on an apron, shake up a martini, and chat with a stranger or two about their love lives. Take it from me: be a bartender.  I bartended for years in my 20’s, all over New York City. I served the corporate Midtown happy-hour drinkers, the beer-guzzling frat scene on the Upper […]

Mamaspeak: Brook Notary on adoption and the choreography of single motherhood

As a critically-acclaimed choreographer living and working in New York City, Brook Notary is known for her use of environmental props in her creations. And every day, she deftly choreographs the environment for her most important, passion-filled project to date — her daughter Rowan, who was adopted in a whirlwind in St. Louis eight years ago. Like most everything that comes her […]

Makin’ the Mamachic:
The Cut & Sew Process at Opportunity Threads

When you unfold your Mamachic for the first time, you’ll marvel at the smooth seams, the fun polygonal symmetry, and the gentle pull of the draped knit along your shoulders.  You might wonder, how is this simple, beautiful garment made? Welcome to Opportunity Threads. This worker-owned cooperative, located 70 miles outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, boasts 20 […]

Makin’ the Mamachic: Paul King of KenDor Textiles

It’s serendipity, baby! You know it was just a matter of time before I squeezed a Duke basketball reference into a blog post, and ACC-hoops lover Dick Vitale’s classic quote perfectly sums up our June. Let’s back up: during our initial prototyping last year, I sifted through a multitude of sample swatches, sent in from fabric suppliers all over the country. But I always came […]

5 Magical Things that Happened during the Mamachic Kickstarter Campaign

Some people warned me of the roller coaster ride that is a crowdfunding campaign. (I write this post from the backseat of our packed-tight minivan, en route from Des Moines to Philadelphia with The Lion King. My two kiddos are thankfully snoring peacefully, my cat’s curled up in my lap, I can’t feel my feet and there’re 10+ […]