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Mamachic is a proud partner of The Grommet!

As avid fans  of The Grommet, we at Mamachic were over the indie-maker moon when they asked us to partner with them! All the items thoughtfully curated by this e-retailer (who has a 3 million email subscriber base) are “products with a purpose invented by people with stories.” We’re grateful that The Grommet saw value in Mamachic’s unique story […]

Makin’ the Mamachic: the Mamachic Fly

It’s the making of the Mamachic 2.0! We’re back, we’re lighter, we’re stripy-er. Last year, I brought you inside our sew shop to see how our first-run Original Mamachics were made. There’s something so wonderfully gratifying about watching these skilled hands craft your own design (which is now proudly patented!).  I’ve got immense gratitude for […]

Creating a Fitness Plan for Busy Moms that Works

Ann Farrar is an online fitness coach and mental health counselor with a background in work/life balance. She is currently combining both interests and pursuing certification as a holistic health coach, while traveling full-time with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or email her. For those of us with small people at home, […]

6 Takeaways from the White House Summit on the United State of Women

During an exhilarating day filled with powerhouse speakers — from the Leader of the Free World to the planet’s most influential media mogul — the best advice truly may have come from 11-year-old entrepreneur Mikaela Ulmer: “Dream like a kid.” For a few days in Washington D.C. this week, I did feel like a kid, dreaming. I had the giddy honor to attend the […]

Not Just For Mamas: Hitting the Islands of Panama

  This is a guest post by Kestrel Jenkins, the co-founder of Falcon Related, a values-driven branding service for responsible companies. About a month back, I met up with one of my favorite mamas for coffee and a brainstorm. Mikaela is the founder of Ruth and Ragnar, an organic kid’s clothing company. She’s one of those […]

Mamaspeak: Mel Fukushima on Hawaiian family, her beautiful daughter, and keeping faith

* Note: This post contains a sensitive photo related to pregnancy loss. On Mel Fukushima’s morning commute, she sits in about 40 minutes of gridlock traffic on Honolulu’s H1 highway. It’s a daily ritual, this 7-mile route from her neighborhood of Aina Haina to the heart of downtown. Her sole passenger is her 6-year-old son Max. […]

Mamaspeak: Vivianna Blanch and the Truths Behind Beauty

On a daily basis, Vivianna Blanch examines — no, relishes in — the concept of American beauty. She’s been a thought-leader in the beauty industry firmament for the past 15 years, and currently she’s an executive in the marketing segment of L’Oreal USA. Her company is making exciting (and much-needed) strides in diversifying consumer products to reflect the changing face […]