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Mamaspeak: Rebecca Ballard on living your values

What’s it like to truly live your values, every day? When you shop, how purposeful can each buying decision be? Considering the American appetite for consumption, that sounds nearly impossible. But one woman is determined to make it easier. Rebecca Ballard is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who parlayed her non-profit leadership skills into her sustainable fashion start-up, […]

Mamachic is a proud partner of The Grommet!

As avid fans  of The Grommet, we at Mamachic were over the indie-maker moon when they asked us to partner with them! All the items thoughtfully curated by this e-retailer (who has a 3 million email subscriber base) are “products with a purpose invented by people with stories.” We’re grateful that The Grommet saw value in Mamachic’s unique story […]

Makin’ the Mamachic: the Mamachic Fly

It’s the making of the Mamachic 2.0! We’re back, we’re lighter, we’re stripy-er. Last year, I brought you inside our sew shop to see how our first-run Original Mamachics were made. There’s something so wonderfully gratifying about watching these skilled hands craft your own design (which is now proudly patented!).  I’ve got immense gratitude for […]

Creating a Fitness Plan for Busy Moms that Works

Ann Farrar is an online fitness coach and mental health counselor with a background in work/life balance. She is currently combining both interests and pursuing certification as a holistic health coach, while traveling full-time with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or email her. For those of us with small people at home, […]

6 Takeaways from the White House Summit on the United State of Women

During an exhilarating day filled with powerhouse speakers — from the Leader of the Free World to the planet’s most influential media mogul — the best advice truly may have come from 11-year-old entrepreneur Mikaela Ulmer: “Dream like a kid.” For a few days in Washington D.C. this week, I did feel like a kid, dreaming. I had the giddy honor to attend the […]

Not Just For Mamas: Hitting the Islands of Panama

  This is a guest post by Kestrel Jenkins, the co-founder of Falcon Related, a values-driven branding service for responsible companies. About a month back, I met up with one of my favorite mamas for coffee and a brainstorm. Mikaela is the founder of Ruth and Ragnar, an organic kid’s clothing company. She’s one of those […]

Mamaspeak: Mel Fukushima on Hawaiian family, her beautiful daughter, and keeping faith

* Note: This post contains a sensitive photo related to pregnancy loss. On Mel Fukushima’s morning commute, she sits in about 40 minutes of gridlock traffic on Honolulu’s H1 highway. It’s a daily ritual, this 7-mile route from her neighborhood of Aina Haina to the heart of downtown. Her sole passenger is her 6-year-old son Max. […]